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Agenda for AGM Monday 2 November 2020

Updated: Oct 25, 2020


Notice is hereby given that the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Magna Masters Association will be held on Zoom on Monday 2 November, 2020 at 6pm


  1. Welcome by Chairman

  2. To approve minutes of Fourth Annual General Meeting - 4 November 2019 (below)

  3. Apologies for absence

  4. To receive the Chairman’s report

  5. To receive and adopt the Financial Report and Accounts to 30 June 2020 (Below)

  6. Election of Officers Chairman: One nomination has been received AVM Patrick O’Reilly CB, Engineers Vice Chairman: One nomination has been received Jeremy Randall, Watermen and Lightermen Hon. Treasurer: (Current holder Martin Miles, Actuaries) Hon. Secretary: (Current holder Ian Locks, Stationers and Newspaper Makers) Hon. Membership Secretary: Michael Godbee, Tax Advisers Hon. Events Secretary/Chairman Events Committee: Nic Birtles (Information Technologists); Stephen Bernhard (Gardeners); Gwen Rhys (Glass Sellers) With the exception of the Chairman, current officers are willing to stand for re-election. Other nominations should be sent to the Hon. Secretary.

  7. Election of Financial Reviewer (Currently David Illingworth, WCO Chartered Accountants)

  8. Other business

Following the conclusion of formal business there will be a discussion on the programme for 2021 and other matters raised by members

The meeting will be followed by a wine tasting kindly organised by the W/c of Management Consultants curtesy Patrick Chapman at 6.45pm and conclude at 7.30pm

Ian Locks Hon. Secretary

MINUTES of the AGM held on 4 November 2019

The Fourth Annual Meeting of the Magna Masters Association was held at the The Royal Air Force Club, 128 Piccadilly, London W1J 7PY on Monday 4 November, 2019 at 6pm

Members present: The meeting was attended by the Chairman, Jeremy Randall; the Vice-Chairman, AVM Patrick O’Reilly, the Hon. Treasurer, Martin Miles, the Hon Secretary, Ian Locks; the Hon. Auditor, David Illingworth, and 27 other members. The full list of attendees forms part of these minutes.

Apologies for absence: Richard Herbert, Roger Westbrook, Stephen Bernhard, Dr Ian Frood, Michael Godbee

  1. Welcome The chairman welcomed members to the RAF Club once again, courtesy of Patrick O’Reilly whom he thanked for his hospitality and said it was very good to see for the third successive year more than 30 of our members attending. He said the format for the evening was that the meeting, scheduled to last for one hour, would be followed by a very informal wine tasting - and then supper at about 8.00pm.

  2. Minutes of Third Annual General Meeting - held on 6 November 2018 were approved nem con

  3. Chairman’s report The Chairman opened his report by congratulating two members who had been made OBE in the birthday honours this summer: Dr Ian Frood (Coopers) for services to agriculture and Eddie Donaldson (Basketmakers), chairman and treasurer of the RNLI among other things. He also congratulated Alderman Vincent Keaveny (Solicitors) on his election as Aldermanic Sheriff for the current year, a position he and Consort Amanda were carrying out with great distinction. And congratulations also to Mark Henderson (MagnaMaster Currier) elected inaugural Master Investment Managers, a group he had worked for several years to establish as a Guild. A memorial service had been held on 11 October 2018 for Wynne Gillham, MagnaMaster Upholder, who died after illness on 1 July 2018. Roger North and Nic Birtles were to be congratulated on winning the Livery Past Masters Association Autumn pairs competition at Chobham GC on 5 September and also taking second and third places respectively in the singles event at Sonning GC in April. Since last year’s AGM the association had enjoyed: - Lunch with Graeme Groom (Innholder) at Innholders’ Hall on 5 October 2018 - Gin Making Experience - City of London Distillery 9 October 2018, with many thanks to PM Vintner Allan Cheesman. - Magnificent Drapers' Hall in January, had hosted our Fourth Gala Dinner, and had pulled out all the stops to make this a great occasion with 146 paid to attend. Our speaker for the evening had been Ald. and Sheriff (and MagnaMaster) Vincent Keaveny attending with Amanda Keaveny and flanked by Hon. President Ald. Sir Alan Yarrow and Lady Yarrow together with Chairman Jeremy Randall and Irene Randall. Our host for the evening, Past Master Draper Nick Bence-Trower, there with wife Nicky, opened proceedings with a warm welcome to one of the three organisations of which HM The Queen is a member. He thanked Nick for his assistance in making the evening run very smoothly. - The amazing CERN project in Geneva on 4 June 2019 had been attended by 24 members and Consorts hosted and organised by Patrick Draycott, to whom enormous thanks were due, - An Exclusive tour of Smithfield Market followed by breakfast on 30 May 2019 was organised by Jeremy Randall - a visit to Royal Museums, Greenwich 10 June 2019 was kindly organised by Tony Watson. - Our open committee, the notes from which formed part of the papers for the evening, was attended by 21 members and followed by an enjoyable lunch - 27/28 September the visit to York centred on the Grand Hotel and Merchant Adventurers’ Hall. Bookings had reached the minimum number of 50 but not without a lot of effort by organiser John Shonfeld and Dr Alan Suggett, to whom much thanks were due. - The CartaConsorts had also had a busy programme with a tour of Dicken’s Bloomsbury in September last year; a trip to the Ely Cathedral Christmas Market in November; a backstage tour of the Royal Opera House in February; a visit to the Globe Theatre to see Merry Wives of Windsor in June; and an East End Experience later in September. The Chairman thanked all those who had made this busy programme possible and all who had given the various events their support

  4. Financial Report and Accounts to 30 June 2019 - Introducing the Report and Accounts, forming part of these minutes, Hon. Treasurer Martin Miles said he was pleased to report that membership again stood at 101 for the year to 30 June 2020 as in the year under review. This had returned a surplus of £1,366 from membership subscriptions of £5,050 after a subsidy of £2,902 for the dinner at Drapers’ Hall, contributions to the Open Committee and AGM of £670 and miscellaneous expenditure for website and administration. The carried forward assets of the association now stood at £6499 - a figure which it was intended should continue to rise until declining membership and rising costs dictated otherwise. The Chairman thanked Martin for his report and all his work during the year. Proposed by John Shonfeld and seconded by Barrie Stewart

  5. Election of Officers Current officers were willing to stand for re-election. Other nominations had been invited but none received. Patrick O’Reilly as Vice-Chairman took the chair for the election of the post of chairman. Jeremy Randall was re-elected by general acclaim. Thanking those present Jeremy said that the coming year would complete the five years he had said initially he was prepared to undertake. Resuming the chair the Chairman suggested that other officers might be proposed and seconded en bloc. Vice Chairman: AVM Patrick O’Reilly CB, Engineers Hon. Treasurer: Martin Miles, Actuaries Hon. Secretary: Ian Locks, Stationers and Newspaper Makers Hon. Membership Secretary: Michael Godbee, Tax Advisers Hon. Events Secretary/Chairman Events Committee: Nic Birtles (Information Technologists); Stephen Bernhard (Gardeners); Gwen Rhys (Glass Sellers) Proposed by Roger North Seconded by Heather Hawker and agree unanimously The Chairman said many thanks were due to all concerned in keeping the Association as an active, vibrant and enjoyable one of which to be a member.

  6. Election of Financial Examiner (Currently David Illingworth, WCO Chartered Accountants). The Hon. Treasurer proposed and the Chairman seconded the re-election of David with thanks to him for his support.

  7. Other business The Chairman said no other business had been notified and that therefore concluded the business of the Annual General Meeting.

The formal business of the meeting was followed by a discussion on the programme for the coming year and other matters related to the running of the association.




Following a meeting of Livery Company Masters at Ironbridge on 7th June 2015, the Magna Masters Association (MMA) was formally established at a meeting in London on 14th September 2015. At that meeting the subscription for membership was set at £50 to cover the period to 30th June 2016 and a Bank Account for the MMA with Lloyds Bank was opened shortly afterwards.

The Accounts of the MMA for the year ended 30th June 2020 are attached. The corresponding figures for the period 1st July 2018 - 30th June 2019 are shown for comparison.

The Notes referred to in the Accounts are set out below. This Introduction and the Notes which follow are an integral part of the Accounts


1. It was agreed that the subscription should remain at £50 for the 2019-20 year. 101 members (101 in 2018/19) paid £50 each for their 2019/20 membership of the MMA.

2. A number of formal and/or social events took place during the year. The finances for the events in which the MMA had a formal involvement and its Bank Account was used are summarised below:

Open Committee Meeting 11th September 2019

£420.00 Income (21 members for lunch)

£778.50 Cost of Event

£358.50 Net Expense

AGM, Wine-tasting and Dinner 4th November 2019

£1815.00 Income (33 members)

£1726.95 Cost of Event

£ 88.05 Net Profit

Gala Dinner Saddlers Hall Dinner 29th January 2020

£11647.00 Income (124 members)

£14505.60 Cost of Event

£ 2858.60 Net Expense

Not mentioned above are events organised by individual members which were self-funded, the finances/ticketing being controlled by the individual members concerned. No profits were made on such events. A modest cost relating to the York Weekend in September 2019 was settled by the MMA. Any other incidental costs (minor administrative costs, flowers for a helper or whatever) were carried by individual members.

3. Miscellaneous expenses relate to the York Weekend (£204.50) and website domain fees (£144.15)

Martin W Miles

Accounts 2019-2020
Download PDF • 625KB

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