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AGM Papers

AGM Papers can be downloaded here

Notice is hereby given that the Third Annual Meeting of the Magna Masters Association will be held at the The Royal Air Force Club, 128 Piccadilly, London W1J 7PY on Monday 5 November, 2018 at 6pm


  1. Welcome by Chairman

  2. To approve minutes of Second Annual General Meeting - 6 November 2017

  3. Apologies for absence

  1. To receive the Chairman’s report (Minutes of Committee Meeting 12 September 2018 attached refer)

  2. To receive and adopt the Financial Report and Accounts

  3. Election of Officers Chairman: (Current holder Jeremy Randall, Watermen and Lightermen) Vice Chairman: (Current holder Michael Davis-Marks, Makers of Playing Cards) Hon. Treasurer: (Current holder Martin Miles, Actuaries) Hon. Secretary: (Current holder Ian Locks, Stationers and newspaper Makers) Hon. Membership Secretary Hon. Events Secretary/Chairman Events Committee Current officers with the exception of Michael Davis-Marks are willing to stand for re-election. Other nominations should be sent to the Hon. Secretary.

  1. Election of Financial Reviewer (Currently David Illingworth, WCO Chartered Accountants)

  2. Other business

Ian Locks

Hon. Secretary

The meeting will be followed by a wine tasting at 7.00pm and Supper at 8.30pm. Event Concludes at 10.00pm

Minutes of AGM - 6 November 2017

The Second Annual Meeting of the MagnaMasters Association was held at the Royal Air Force Club, 128 Piccadilly, London W1J 7PY on Monday 6 November, 2017 at 6pm

Present: the Chairman, Jeremy Randall, Vice Chairman, Michael Davis-Marks, Hon. Treasurer Martin Miles; Hon. Secretary, Ian Locks and 35 members. Full list attached to the minutes.


  1. Welcome by Chairman: The chairman said he was delighted to see 40 registered to attend compared to 31 the previous year and thanked Patrick O’Reilly for once again using his influence to host us at this wonderful venue. By unanimous show of hands it was agreed that the same venue would be much appreciated next year if available to us.

  2. Minutes of the first Annual General Meeting on 7 November 2016 were approved with the amendment of the errors in the spelling of the Vice Chairman’s name and Air Vice Marshal Patrick O’Reilly’s title.

  3. Apologies for absence had been received from Chris Allen; Graeme Groom; Mike Felton; Ian Frood; Mark Hardy; Edward Martineau; Mike Shepherd; Stephen Bernhard; Rupert Best; John Jackman; Ian Armfield

  4. Chairman’s report: In his report the Chairman said it had been another busy year in which for the second year we had maintained 100 plus members and as we stood we had 96 members for 2017-18 with nine still to renew. As the Hon. Treasurer would report, finances were healthy. Activities in 2017 had included

28 Feb Annual Dinner, Mansion House

14 Mar Lord Mayor's Organ Recital, St.Paul's Cathedral

24 Apr Visit to Kew - Mark Henderson

27 Apr Charterhouse Historic Musical Tour and dinner, Patrick O'Reilly

3 May - Lord Mayor's Ascot Race Day

20 June - Gin Making Masterclass - Allan Cheesman

15/16 July - Opera in Hereford, Robin Neill

28 Sept - Open Committee - Cote St Paul’s

6 Nov - AGM followed by dinner: RAF Club.

At the open committee held on Wednesday 27 September 2017 at CÔTE BRASSERIE ST PAUL'S, attended by 25 members the programme for 2018 had been discussed and as a result of which the following is proposed (work in progress):

1 February - dinner at Fishmongers’ Hall kindly hosted by James fforde. 80 signed up so far…need more. Tony Alston suggested opening to guests and this was agreed subject to a final call to members who should take priority.

22 February (date tbc) - reprise Westminster College dinner - Nick Andrews

21 March Tower of London visit - Ian Frood

May 18 or 25, farm visit Tony Alston new Stowmarket (overnight stay suggested)

June Weaving in London - Edward Martineau

12 or 26 September Open Committee lunch

05 November AGM wine tasting and dinner


September - Ditchling Village: Vineyard & Art and Craft Museum - Mike Felton

Trip to York - Mark Hardy and Alan Suggett

November gin making reprise - Allan Cheesman

Congratulations were due to Roger North for organising the Past Masters Association (PMA) and City Livery Company’s (CLC) golf pairs competition at RAC - and then winning the PMA trophy with Nic Birtles, who will organise next year on Monday 3 September 2018 at The Temple GC. A major departure proposed in the coming year would be to include Consorts as the CLC and some Past Masters had done this year. This was AGREED at the open committee meeting. Members who played golf were encouraged also to make a date for the singles PMA and CLC singles competition at Sandy Lodge GC on Thursday 19 April 2018

The Hon. Secretary reported briefly on communications which included a monthly update and the website which has been relaunched during the year. Members confirmed that communication to them was satisfactory. Ian locks thanked members for their co-operation in using the Doodle system for registration which made his life very much easier. The members’ directory was being revised and updated.

  1. To receive and adopt the Financial Report and Accounts (attached): Martin Miles reported that, following a surpluses of £1729 and £1996 over two years the association was holding £3725 in reserves which was healthy cover against misfortune with a major event. His report was agreed unanimously.

  2. Election of Officers: There being no other nominations the following officers were elected nem con Chairman: Jeremy Randall, Watermen and Lightermen Vice Chairman: Michael Davis-Marks, Makers of Playing Cards Hon. Treasurer: Martin Miles, Actuaries Hon. Secretary: Ian Locks, Stationers and newspaper Makers

The chairman thanked the officers and all those who had contributed to the success of the association during the year by organising and/or supporting events. Michael Davis-Marks proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman.

  1. Election of Financial Reviewer: David Illingworth, WCO Chartered Accountants, was thanked for reviewing the accounts again this year and for agreeing to continue for a further year. A vote of thanks was agreed unanimously.

  2. Other business

There being no other business

The meeting was followed by a wine tasting organised and presented by Jeremy Randall and then dinner.




Following a meeting of Livery Company Masters at Ironbridge on 7th June 2015, the Magna Masters Association (MMA) was formally established at a meeting in London on 14th September 2015. At that meeting the subscription for membership was set at £50 to cover the period to 30th June 2016 and a Bank Account for the MMA with Lloyds Bank was opened shortly afterwards.

The Accounts of the MMA for the year ended 30th June 2017 are attached. The corresponding figures for the period 14th September 2015 - 30th June 2016 are shown for comparison.

The Notes referred to in the Accounts are set out below. This Introduction and the Notes which follow are an integral part of the Accounts


1. It was agreed that the subscription should remain at £50 for the 2016-17 year. 101 members each paid £50 for their 2016-17 membership of the MMA.

2. A number of formal and/or social events took place during the year. The finances for the events in which the MMA had a formal involvement and its Bank Account was used are summarised below:

AGM & Wine-tasting 7th November 2016

£1760.00 Income (32 people at £55 each)

£2044.00 Cost of Event

£ 284.00 Net Expense

Mansion House Banquet 28th February 2017

£15090.00 Income (159 paying diners at £95 each)

£17834.11 Cost of Event (net of share of costs paid by 2014 year group)

£ 2744.11 Net Expense

Lord Mayor’s St Pauls Concert 14th March 2017

£3739.50 Income (35 people at £67.50 each plus extra costs for 5 who also dined)

£3737.50 Cost of Event

£ 2.00 Net Profit

Charterhouse Dinner 27th April 2017

£3220.00 Income (28 people at £115 each)

£3220.00 Cost of Event

£ Nil Net Expense

Not mentioned above are events organised by individual members which were self-funded, the finances/ticketing being controlled by the individual members concerned. These include the trip to Kew Gardens on 24th April 2017 organised by Mark Henderson and the trip to the Lord Mayor’s Ascot Race Day on 3rd May 2017 organised by Martin and Sarah Miles. For these and other such events, the MMA Bank Account was not used, no profits were made and any losses (minor administrative costs, flowers for a helper or whatever) were carried by the individual organisers concerned.

3. General expenses relate to website (domain fees etc), printing and costs associated with the Open Meeting on 16th September 2016

Martin W Miles

Minutes Open Committee 12 September 2018

October 1, 2018

An open committee of the MagnaMasters Association was held on Wednesday 12 September 2018 at CÔTE BRASSERIE - ST PAUL'S, LONDON followed by a light lunch.

Attending: Mike Felton, Tony Watson, Simon Archer, Nic Birtles, Roger North, Raymond Layard, Kevin Moore, Mike Davis-Marks (Chairman), Michael Godbee, John Hayton, Martin Miles, Patrick O’Reilly, John Jackman, John Shonfeld, Jim Conybeare, Geoff Lewis, Debby Ounsted, Gwen Rhys, Kathleen Duncan, Richard Herbert, Sir Roger Vickers, Stephen Bernhard, Graeme Groom, Mark Henderson, Ian Locks

Apologies: Jeremy Randall; Patrick Draycott

1 Chairman’s welcome and introduction - Michael Davis-Marks welcomed members to the meeting and thanked them for attending. He said he was standing in for the first time for chairman Jeremy Randall who had a clash of times and sent his apologies. Michael said this was the fourth open committees since we formed in September 2015. With 25 members attending (three more than last year), the popularity of this open form of government was clearly./ The weakness becoming apparent was that de facto responsibility lay with just four officers and it was hoped to broaden this by sharing responsibility more widely.