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Papers for AGM 6 November 2017

Notice is hereby given that the Second Annual Meeting of the MagnaMasters Association will be held at the The Royal Air Force Club, 128 Piccadilly, London W1J 7PY on Monday 6 November, 2017 at 6pm


  1. Welcome by Chairman

  2. To approve minutes of first Annual General Meeting - 7 November 2016

  3. Apologies for absence:

  4. To receive the Chairman’s report

  5. To receive and adopt the Financial Report and Accounts

  6. Election of Officers Chairman: (Current holder Jeremy Randall, Watermen and Lightermen) Vice Chairman: (Current holder Mic hael Davis-Marks, Makers of Playing Cards) Hon. Treasurer: (Current holder Martin Miles, Actuaries) Hon. Secretary: (Current holder Ian Locks, Stationers and newspaper Makers)

All current officers are will to stand for re-election. Other nominations should be sent to the Hon. Secretary.

  1. Election of Financial Reviewer (Currently David Illingworth, WCO Chartered Accountants)

  2. Other business

Ian Locks Hon. Secretary

The meeting will be followed by a wine tasting and supper for which a charge of £49.50 per person will be made. Those registered to attend are




Following a meeting of Livery Company Masters at Ironbridge on 7th June 2015, the Magna Masters Association (MMA) was formally established at a meeting in London on 14th September 2015. At that meeting the subscription for membership was set at £50 to cover the period to 30th June 2016 and a Bank Account for the MMA with Lloyds Bank was opened shortly afterwards.

The Accounts of the MMA for the year ended 30th June 2017 are attached. The corresponding figures for the period 14th September 2015 - 30th June 2016 are shown for comparison.

The Notes referred to in the Accounts are set out below. This Introduction and the Notes which follow are an integral part of the Accounts


1. It was agreed that the subscription should remain at £50 for the 2016-17 year. 101 members each paid £50 for their 2016-17 membership of the MMA.

2. A number of formal and/or social events took place during the year. The finances for the events in which the MMA had a formal involvement and its Bank Account was used are summarised below:

AGM & Wine-tasting 7th November 2016

£1760.00 Income (32 people at £55 each)

£2044.00 Cost of Event

£ 284.00 Net Expense

Mansion House Banquet 28th February 2017

£15090.00 Income (159 paying diners at £95 each)

£17834.11 Cost of Event (net of share of costs paid by 2014 year group)

£ 2744.11 Net Expense

Lord Mayor’s St Pauls Concert 14th March 2017

£3739.50 Income (35 people at £67.50 each plus extra costs for 5 who also dined)

£3737.50 Cost of Event

£ 2.00 Net Profit

Charterhouse Dinner 27th April 2017

£3220.00 Income (28 people at £115 each)

£3220.00 Cost of Event

£ Nil Net Expense

Not mentioned above are events organised by individual members which were self-funded, the finances/ticketing being controlled by the individual members concerned. These include the trip to Kew Gardens on 24th April 2017 organised by Mark Henderson and the trip to the Lord Mayor’s Ascot Race Day on 3rd May 2017 organised by Martin and Sarah Miles. For these and other such events, the MMA Bank Account was not used, no profits were made and any losses (minor administrative costs, flowers for a helper or whatever) were carried by the individual organisers concerned.

3. General expenses relate to website (domain fees etc), printing and costs associated with the Open Meeting on 16th September 2016

Martin W Miles

Minutes of the First Annual Meeting of the MagnaMasters Association was held at the The Royal Air Force Club, 128 Piccadilly, London W1J 7PY on Monday 7 November, 2016 at 6pm

Minutes of First AGM 7 November 2016

The meeting was attended by the Chairman, Jeremy Randall; The Vice Chairman, Michael Davis-Marks; the Hon. Treasurer, Martin Miles, the Hon. Secretary, Ian Locks and 25 other members. The full list is attached to the minutes. Apologies for absence were received from Neville Chamberlain (Fuellers); Graham Dickinson (Insurers); Raymond Layard (Horners); Ald. Vincent Keaveny (Solicitors); Mark Seligman (International Bankers); Fiona Adler (Hon. Vice President); Sir Roger Vickers (Barbers); Roger North (Water Conservators); Adrian Scott-Knight (Fletchers); Michael Powell (Gold and Silver Wire Drawers); Dr. Ian Frood (Coopers).

  1. Welcome The meeting opened with a brief welcome to the Royal Air Force Club by Air Vice Marshall Patrick O’Reilly as host for the evening. The Chairman, Jeremy Randall, welcomed members present saying it was good to see 29 people attending with apologies from 11 others. He said he was particularly grateful to Patrick O’Reilly for arranging for us to hold our AGM at the magnificent RAFC Club, in which we were using three rooms, and to Mark Hardy who had kindly arranged the wine tasting which followed the meeting. He reported to members the very sad news that Lt. Col. Paul Holder, Master Carman of our year, was in hospital undergoing chemotherapy to retard Stage Four pancreatic cancer, by definition terminal. Paul had been due to return to South Sudan as part of the UN mission when he was taken ill. He was recently married to his partner, Annemiek, a Dutch journalist he met in South Sudan, who is expecting their baby in December. The meeting expressed its support for Paul and Annemiek.

  2. Chairman’s Report In his report the Chairman said he hoped those present agreed we had made a good start in the organisation’s first 16 months. He reminded the meeting we were formed at Ironbridge on 7 June 2015. Our first open committee meeting was held on 14 September 2015, attended by 22 members, at which a draft constitution was considered (for approval today and attached) and a programme sketched out for 2016. We were invited for our first visit to the Stepney City Farm by member Kevin Moore (Public Relations Practitioners); A website was established in September last year and communications have been maintained on a monthly basis. We sat down almost 160 at our inaugural dinner held at Stationers’ Hall on 2 February this year after having to move from Apothecaries’ Hall to accommodate higher than expected numbers. Thanks were due to all those who helped make this a success including especially Bryan Spearman and Stephen Barnard. We had joined CartaConsort visits to RHS Wisley, Bletchley Park and Denbies Winery; supported our President Alan Yarrow with three tables to hear his recollections of his year as Lord Mayor; some 60 of us joined Robin and Sophia Neill for Rigoletto at their home in Herefordshire; we filled two tables at the Leander Club for the opening day of Henley Royal Regatta; supported the Bakers’ Great Fire event with 13 people; 32 of us attended a delightful evening at Westminster Kingsway College organised by Nick Andrews (Patternmakers) and his wife Hilary and generously entertained beforehand at the London home of Tony Alston (Farmers) and his wife Mary: perhaps the visit to Westminster Kingsway College might become an annual event? We had supported a number of other events by our members’ companies including the Drapers Christmas Fair, the Glaziers Art Fair, Wizardry in Wood at Carpenters’ Hall; Our second open committee meeting was held on 15 September 2016 attended by 24 members; we had 99 members in June 2015 including our honorary President and Vice Presidents and we were missing just two just one or two email addresses; membership in 2016 is taking a little longer to reach a similar level with some 85 members signed up for the current year at the last count. Our subscription year runs from June (the month of our formation) but most of us did not join until after the first committee meeting in September last year ….so still time to reach the 100 in 2016. Congratulations were due to Roger North (Water Conservators) who had carried the flag for golfing events. Partnered with Jim Conybeare (Master Mariners) Roger won the back nine prize at the Lord Mayor’s Charity Golf Day and partnered by Jeremy Balcombe (Tin Plate Workers) won the Past Masters’ Cup as part of the Livery Golf Day at Sonning. The programme for 2017 was taking shape. Kathleen Duncan (Musicians) suggested and it was agreed to include the organ recital by the Lord Mayor on 14 March

28 Feb Shrove Tuesday Banquet - Mansion House

14 March - Lord Mayor’s Organ Recital of Saint-Saëns at St Paul’s Cathedral in aid of LM Charity (Kathleen Duncan)

27 Apr Charterhouse Magical Music Tour, Patrick O’Reilly

Other suggestions being pursued were:

Wine Tour (Revised format) - Jeremy Randall

Farm Tour - Tony Alston (Farmers)

Post Office Tower Dinner - Mike Shepherd

Visit to York - Mark Hardy

Visit to Portsmouth - Michael Davis-Marks (Probably not 2017)

Visit to Kew (12 people/groups of 12?) - Mark Henderson confirmed the was exploring this with Michael Godbee and Patrick Chapman

Tower of London special invitation plus dinner (Limit 30) - Ian Frood to investigate.

Visit to RNLI, Poole - Edward Donaldson

The Chairman reminded members if they wished to organise an event for the MagnaMasters they would be most welcome as there was room for more smaller events. Contact either himself or Ian Locks.

Our big event in the coming year would be the Shrove Tuesday Banquet at Mansion House on 28 February and he hoped we could reach last year’s number of 150/160 for this event being held at the invitation of our Aldermanic Sheriff Ald. Andrew Parmley being installed as Lord Mayor this week. We were joining with our previous year group, One4All, to ensure that we had as full a room as possible, aiming for around 160 each. He urged all present to attend with a/their Consort if possible: the price for a four course banquet plus reception at the Mansion House of just £95 each being achieved by membership subscriptions subsiding the not-insignificant room hire charge.

He concluded by thanking all members for their support and not least the three other officers.

  1. Financial Report and Accounts: Hon. Treasurer Martin Miles introduced his report which is attached to these minutes together with the Association’s first accounts. He thanked David Illingworth (Chartered Accountants) for acting in this capacity. The report and accounts were adopted unanimously. The Chairman thanked Martin for his stewardship of the Association’s accounts and for his report.

  2. To consider and adopt a Constitution The Hon Secretary reminded the meeting that the draft before them had been accepted as a working constitution at the first open committee meeting in September 2015 adapted from the standard document prepared by the Association of Past Masters. He apologised that some of the numbering appeared to have changed in the cut and paste process. The meeting agreed to delete the final paragraph as recommended 12 months previously providing for a Tontine (the method for disposing of any moneys on the eventual winding up of the association), the previous paragraph considered to be doing the job perfectly adequately. It was pointed out this would require further amendment where there was reference to a Tontine. Amendments were also required for the dates of the Company year and the position of Vice Chairman if/when adopted under item 5. It was agreed that the amendments should be made, be reviewed by Mark Hardy (World Traders) and when completed, circulated to all members with the support of Mark as Proposer and a Seconder. (Subsequently Robin Furber (Pewterers) agreed to do this.)

  3. Election of Officers The Vice Chairman took the chair and thanked Jeremy Randall (Watermen and Lightermen) for his leadership and guidance as Chairman. He proposed that Jeremy should be re-elected for a further year and this was agreed unanimously. Jeremy resuming the chair proposed that the following be re-elected for the coming year: Michael Davids-Marks (Makers of Playing Cards) as Vice Chairman: Martin Miles (Actuaries) as Hon. Treasurer: and Ian Locks (Stationers and Newspaper Makers) as Hon. Secretary. No other nominations had been received and all three were unanimously re-appointed with thanks.

  4. Election of Financial Examiner Martin Miles proposed and the meeting unanimously agreed that David Illingworth (WCO Chartered Accountants) be reappointed as Financial Examiner with grateful thanks.

  5. Other business There was no other business and the meeting finished at 6.39pm.

The meeting was followed by a wine tasting and supper for which a charge of £55 per person was made.

The list of members attending is below:

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