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Notes of Open Committee - 27 September 2017

An open committee of the MagnaMasters was held on Wednesday 27 September 2017 at CÔTE BRASSERIE ST PAUL'S, LONDON, 26 Ludgate Hill, London EC4M, commencing at 12 noon followed by a light lunch.

Attending: Roger North; Terry Last; Tony Watson; Jeremy Randall (in the chair); John Jackman; Mike Felton; Peter Williams; Patrick Chapman; Rowland Hughes; Robert Morrow; Patrick O’Reilly; Martin Miles; Michael Davis-Marks; Chris Allen; Nic Birtles; Ian Frood; Patrick Draycott; Heather Hawker; Kevin Moore; Mark Henderson; Tony Alston; Ian locks

22 attendees

Apologies: Adrian Scott-Knight; Derek Woods; Richard Herbert; David Illingworth; Barrie Stewart; Kathleen Duncan; Nicholas Bence-Trower; Rupert Best; Ian Watson

1 Chairman’s welcome and introduction: It had been another busy year in which for the second year we had maintained 100 plus paid members and as the Hon. Treasurer would report, healthy finances. Activities in 2017 had included

28 Feb Annual Dinner, Mansion House

14 Mar Lord Mayor's Organ Recital, St.Paul's Cathedral

24 Apr Visit to Kew - Mark Henderson

27 Apr Charterhouse Historic Musical Tour and dinner, Patrick O'Reilly

3 May - Lord Mayor's Ascot Race Day

20 June - Gin Making Masterclass - Allan Cheesman

15/16 July - Opera in Hereford, Robin Neill

28 Sept - Open Committee - Cote St Paul’s

6 Nov - AGM followed by dinner: RAF Club.

He said congratulations were due to Roger North (right in picture) for organising the Past Masters Association (PMA) and City Livery Company’s (CKC) golf pairs competition at RAC - and then winning the PMA trophy with Nic Birtles (centre), who will organise next year on Monday 3 September 2018 at The Temple GC. A major departure proposed in the coming year would be to include Consorts as the CLC and some Past Masters had done this year. This was AGREED. Members who played golf were encouraged also to make a date for the singles PMA and CLC singles competition at Sandy Lodge GC on Thursday 19 April 2018

2. Minutes of meeting 15 September 2016 were approved

3 Financial Report - Martin Miles said the annual accounts would show subscription income of £5050 from 101 paid up members and income from events some £28,800. The surplus on the year would be £1,729 compared with £1,996 the previous year, the main difference being the level of subsidy to the Mansion House Dinner. The society now had in round terms £3,700 in reserves.

In discussion it was agreed that this was a good level at which to retain reserves as a buffer against a disaster on a major event. The recommendation was that we should aim to make major events more affordable and/or more enjoyable by investing members’ subscriptions in them and be prepared to underwrite approved smaller events in the way

MMA had done this year for the Charterhouse evening to ensure members organising events were not exposed to a loss.

4/5 Future Events/programme for 2017/2018

Already arranged:

6 November AGM/wine tasting and dinner - RAF Club, Piccadilly (33 registered max 50). The charge would be £50 to cover consumables with MMA to cover cost of room hire. The association was extremely grateful to Patrick OP’Reilly for hosting this event fr the second year.

1 Feb - Third Annual Gala Dinner - Fishmongers' Hall (57 registered - target 150). Cost to be £85 with a subsidy of approx £20 per head. This event was bing kindly hosted by James fforde who would ensure we had excellent value food and wine.

Ideas discussed for the coming year included:

Vineyard visit (Revised format) - Jeremy Randall

Visit to York - Mark Hardy

Visit to Portsmouth - Michael Davis-Marks

Tower of London special invitation (Limit 30) - Ian Frood to investigate.

Farm visit: Ian Frood and/or Tony Alston

Idea for more trade based events eg Edward Martineau would be happy to organise a meeting around weaving in London(prompted by highly successful gin distillery visit….more like this?)

Another gin-making afternoon - would this be possible through Allan Cheesman

Two possible events suggested by Tony Watson to be discussed.

Regalia Makers and material making visit, Birmingham - Bob Morrow

Sabrage Dinner - Bob Morrow

River Trip - Jeremy Randall

Post Office Tower, originally suggested by Mike Shepherd. Kevin Moore offered to raise the matter with the chairman of the Post Office, whom he knew personally.

River Trip - Jeremy Randall

UK vineyard visit - Mike Felton

All ideas were welcomed. The Hon. Sec would contact those involved to ask whether they wished to go ahead with their suggestion in the coming year and, if so, when and for how many people.

6 Communication

Monthly email updates/Revised/updated website/use of Doodle for booking process: approval given to the current communication process.

7 Directory

The Hon Sec said another issue was planned before AGM

8 Other business

John Jackman warned there was a danger in trying to do too much - better the tortoise than the hair given the nature of an organisation which could not attract new members. His warning was noted.

The chairman said he hoped that all those who could would attend the AGM, wine tasting and dinner at the RAF Club, Piccadilly once again by kind invitation of Patrick O’Reilly.

il/Oct 2017

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