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The MagnaMasters Constitution

The MagnaMasters Constitution

December 12, 2016

The MagnaMasters Constitution was approved at our first AGM on 6 November 2016 subject to minor alterations now included in the final document which may be downloaded. The text is as follows:

Name and Objects

  1. The name of the Association is

MagnaMasters 2015

Livery Past Masters’ Association

2. The Object of the Association is to provide opportunity for promotion of social activities and the discussion of topics of general interest exclusive of those of a religious or political nature.



3. Those persons who held the office of Master, Prime Warden or Upper Bailiff of a City of London Livery Company in the Mayoralty of 2014-15 shall be eligible for membership.

4. The Lord Mayor (Ald. Alan Yarrow) ) and Sheriffs of City of London for 2014-15 shall be invited to join, and if they shall do so, shall be invited to be the President and Vice Presidents of the Association respectively.

5. Masters or equivalents of City Companies or Guilds without Livery and Companies or Guilds outwith the City which are considered to have equivalent status may be invited by the Committee to join and if accepted shall be members of equal standing with those qualified under Rule 3. The decision of the Committee as to eligibility shall be final. Masters or equivalents of a year for which there is no active Past Masters’ Association may be invited to join as Associated Members. They must be sponsored by a member of the Committee and have the agreement of the current Member from their Company, if any. Associate Members shall have the same rights and obligations as full Members. The decision of the Committee as to eligibility shall be final.

Entrance Fee and Subscription

6. The annual subscription shall be £50 or such amount as the Committee may approve from time to time payable in advance on 1st July in each year. Each Member shall pay on admission an entrance fee of £50 and the annual subscription for each subsequent year by Banker’s or Standing Order or Direct Debit.


7. No Member whose subscription shall be in arrears shall be entitled to vote at any Meeting.

Subscription in arrears

8. If a Member’s subscription shall be in arrears for six months his or her name may be removed by the Committee from the List of Members. The Chairman or the Hon Secretary shall write to such person indicating that their membership has lapsed. Reinstatement may be made on payment of the current subscription.


9. Any Member whose conduct shall be deemed by the Committee to render him or her unfit to remain a Member of the Association may be expelled from the Association by the Committee and such Member shall thereupon cease to be a Member, but shall first be given an opportunity to explain such conduct to the Committee.


10. Every resignation shall be in writing and sent to the Hon Secretary.

Forfeiture of Member’s Rights

11. Any person on ceasing to be a Member of the Association in accordance with these Rules shall forfeit all rights to or claims upon the Association or its property or funds.

Officers of the Association

12. The Officers of the Association shall consist of the President and Vice Presidents, the Chairman of the Committee, Vice Chairman, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary. The President and Vice Presidents shall not be subject to re-election. Should any of them resign or be unwilling to serve in that capacity, the Committee may invite another person or persons to serve.

Election of Officers

13. The first Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary shall be Jeremy Randall, Michael Davis-Marks, Martin Miles and Ian Locks respectively, who shall serve until the first Annual General Meeting of the Association. Thenceforth the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary shall be elected or re-elected at the Annual General Meeting.


14. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Committee, consisting of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, the Hon. Treasurer and the Hon. Secretary and other members (if any) of the Association who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Such elected Members shall retire at the subsequent Annual General Meeting but shall then be eligible for re-election. The names of candidates for election shall be submitted to the Hon. Secretary in writing 14 clear days before the AGM. Election shall be by show of hands. In the event of equality of votes the Chairman shall have a casting vote. Casual vacancies in Office or membership of the Committee occurring during the year may be filled by the Committee.


15 The Hon. Secretary shall summon the Members to meet on such days as the Committee may determine. Not less than 21 clear days notice is to be given for General Meetings of Members.

16. A quorum for a General Meeting shall consist of 6 Members except on a motion for an adjournment. If there shall be no quorum within half an hour of the time fixed for the Meeting it shall be adjourned.

17. Seven clear days notice shall be given of Meetings of the Committee wherever possible. Three members of the Committee shall form a quorum.

Annual General Meeting

  1. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held between March and June each year. a) The business of the Meeting shall be: (1) To receive and consider the Committee’s report and the Report and Accounts. (2) To elect Officers and Committee for the ensuing year. (3) To decide on any Resolution in accordance with Rule 21 or any other competent business. b) The Report and Accounts shall be circulated to each Member with the Summons for the Annual General Meeting. c) No resolutions other than those necessary to comply with the provisions of Rule 18 shall be moved at an Annual General Meeting unless proposed by the Committee or unless a notice by the proposer and seconder and supported by at least five other Members of the Association stating its terms shall have been delivered to the Hon. Secretary 14 clear days before the AGM. The Resolution with the names of the proposer and seconder shall be stated on the Agenda for the Meeting.

Special Meetings

19. The Hon. Secretary shall summon a Special Meeting upon resolution of the Committee or upon receiving a requisition signed by not less than 6 Members stating the object of the Meeting.

20. An Agenda for each meeting of the Association or Committee shall be prepared by the Hon. Secretary and circulated at or prior to the meeting and no other business shall be considered by that Meeting, except with the consent of the Chairman.

New Rules and Alteration of Rules

21. Any proposed new Rule or an amendment of an existing Rule shall be submitted to the Committee which shall submit it for decision by the next Meeting of the Association. The notice convening the Meeting shall set out the proposal.


22. Members of the Association may attend any function arranged by the Committee and shall be at liberty to introduce guests on such terms as the Committee may determine.


23. Each Member of the Association shall from time to time notify his or her address to the Hon. Secretary, and all notices emailed or posted to such address shall be deemed to have been duly delivered.

24. Every Member shall be provided with a copy of these Rules.

25. Should with the passage of time the Membership decline to such number as in the opinion of the Committee to make the Association non-viable, the Committee may either arrange a co-operation or if necessary and with the approval of a Special General Meeting an amalgamation with an association or associations having similar objects to the Association or propose the dissolution of the Association.

26. In the event that the Members, in a General Meeting, determine that the Association should co-operate or amalgamate with a similar body, or be dissolved, the Members, or a Committee if authorised by the Members, shall at their absolute discretion determine the disposition of the assets of the Association. Such assets may, in whole or part, be donated to one or more charities or be combined with the funds of the body with which the Association is to co-operate or amalgamate, provided that no Members may receive any personal benefit, save that the President’s and Chairman’s badges may be given to the President and the Chairman at the time or a Past Chairman respectively.

Dated 1 December 2017

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