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Papers for First Agm - 7 November 2016

Papers for First Agm - 7 November 2016

October 12, 2016

Notice is hereby given that the First Annual Meeting of the MagnaMasters Association will be held at the The Royal Air Force Club, 128 Piccadilly, London W1J 7PY on Monday 7 November, 2016 at 6pm


  1. Welcome by Chairman

  2. Apologies for absence

  3. To receive the Chairman’s report

  4. To receive and adopt the Financial Report and Accounts (attached)

  5. To consider and adopt Constitution (Attached)

  6. Election of Officers Chairman: (Current holder Jeremy Randall, Watermen and Lightermen) Vice Chairman: (Current holder Michael Davids-Marks, Makers of Playing Cards) Hon. Treasurer: (Current holder Martin Miles, Actuaries) Hon. Secretary: (Current holder Ian Locks, Stationers and newspaper Makers)

All current officers are standing for re-election. Other nominations should be sent to the Hon. Secretary.

  1. Election of Financial Reviewer (Currently David Illingworth, WCO Chartered Accountants)

  2. Other business

Ian Locks Hon. Secretary

The meeting will be followed by a wine tasting and supper for which a charge of £55 per person will be made.




The decision to set up a Magna Masters Association (MMA) was made at a meeting of Livery Company Masters at Ironbridge on 7th June 2015. The MMA was formally established at a meeting in London on 14th September 2015. At that meeting the subscription for membership was set at £50 to cover the period to 30th June 2016 and a Bank Account for the MMA with Lloyds Bank was opened shortly afterwards.

The Accounts for the period from inception until 30th June 2016 are attached. The Notes referred to in the Accounts are set out below. This Introduction and the Notes which follow are an integral part of the Accounts


1. 96 members each paid £50 during the year to join the MMA.

2. A number of formal and/or social events took place during the year. Some of these were self-funded and did not involve the MMA in any formal way. The only events in which the MMA had any financial involvement were the Stepney Farm Visit on 20th October 2015, the MMA Annual Dinner on 2nd February 2016 and the “Alan Yarrow Reminiscences” Dinner on 18th May 2016, as summarised below:

Stepney Farm

£300.00 Income (12 people at £25 each)

£300.00 Cost of Event

£Nil Net Expense

Annual Dinner

£13175.00 Income (155 people at £85 each)

£15460.80 Cost of Event

£ 2285.80 Net Expense

AY Reminiscences

£1800.00 Income (18 people at £100 each)

£1933.80 Cost of Event

£ 133.80 Net Expense

3. General expenses related to website (domain fees etc) and printing.

Martin W Miles

Name and Objects

  1. The name of the Association is

MagnaMasters 2015

Livery Past Masters’ Association

  1. The Object of the Association is to provide opportunity for promotion of social activities and the discussion of topics of general interest exclusive of those of a religious or political nature.



  1. Those persons who held the office of Master, Prime Warden or Upper Bailiff of the City of London Livery Company in the Mayoralty of 2014-15 shall be eligible for membership.

  1. The Lord Mayor (Ald. Alan Yarrow) ) and Sheriffs of the City of London for 2014-15 shall be invited to join, and if they shall do so, shall be invited to be the President and Vice Presidents of the Association respectively.

  1. Masters or equivalents of City Companies or Guilds without Livery and Companies or Guilds outwith the City which are considered to be equivalent status may be invited by the Committee to join and if accepted shall be members of equal standing with those qualified under Rule 3. The decision of the Committee as to eligibility shall be final.

  2. Masters or equivalent of the years for which there is no active Past Masters Association may be invited to join as Associated Members. They must be sponsored by a member of the Committee and have the agreement of the current member from their Company, if any. Associate Members shall have the same rights and obligations as full Members except that they shall not be eligible to join Tontine. The decision of the Committee as to eligibility shall be final.

Entrance Fee and Subscription

  1. The annual subscription shall be £50 or such amount as the Committee may approve from time to time payable in advance on 1st January in each year. Each member shall pay on admission an entrance fee of £50 and the annual subscription for each subsequent year by Banker’s Order.


  1. No member whose subscription shall be in arrears shall be entitled to vote at any Meeting.

Subscription in arrears

  1. If a Member’s subscription shall be in arrears for six months his or her name may be removed by the Committee from the List of Members’. The Chairman or the Hon Secretary shall write to such person indicating that their membership has lapsed. Reinstatement may be made on payment of current subscription but the Member shall not be a member of the Tontine.


  1. Any Member whose conduct shall be deemed by the Committee to render him or her unfit to remain a member of the Association may be expelled from the Association by the Committee and such Member shall thereupon cease to be a Member, but shall first be given an opportunity to explain such conduct to the Committee.


  1. Every resignation shall be in writing and sent to the Hon Secretary.

Forfeiture of Member’s Rights

  1. Any person on ceasing to be a Member of the Association in accordance with these Rules shall forfeit all right to or claim upon the Association or its property or funds.

Officers of the Association

  1. The Officers of the Association shall consist of the President and Vice Presidents, the Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary. The President and Vice Presidents shall not be subject to re-election. Should any of them resign or be unwilling to serve in that capacity, the Committee may invite a person or persons to serve.

Election of Officers

  1. The first Chairman, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary shall be ??? respectively, who shall serve until the first Annual General Meeting of the Association. Thenceforth the Chairman, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary shall be elected or re-elected at the Annual General Meeting.


  1. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Committee, consisting of the Chairman, the Hon. Treasurer and the Hon. Secretary and other members of the Association who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Such elected Members shall retire at the subsequent Annual General Meeting but shall then be eligible for re-election. The names of candidates for election shall be submitted to the Hon. Secretary in writing 14 clear days before the AGM. Election shall be by show of hands. In the event of equality of votes the Chairman shall have a casting vote. Casual vacancies in Office or membership of the Committee occurring during the year may be filled by the Committee.


  1. The Hon. Secretary shall summon the Members to meet on such days as the Committee may determine. Not less than 21 clear days notice is to be given for General Meetings of Members.

  1. A quorum for a General Meeting shall consist of 6 Members except on a motion for an adjournment. If there shall be no quorum within half an hour of the time fixed for the Meeting it shall be adjourned.

  1. Seven clear days notice shall be given of Meetings of the Committee wherever possible. Three members of the Committee shall form a quorum.

Annual General Meeting

  1. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held between March and June each year. The business of the Meeting shall be: -

  1. To receive and consider the Committee’s report, the Balance Sheet.

  1. To elect Officers and Committee for the ensuing year.

  1. To decide on any Resolution in accordance with Rule 22 or any other competent business.