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Open Committee Meeting - 15 September 2016

Open Committee Meeting - 15 September 2016

September 24, 2016

An open committee of the MagnaMasters was held on Thursday 15 September 2016 at Old Doctor Butlers Head 2 Masons Avenue London EC2

Attending were: Simon Archer (Armourers), Nicholas Bence-Trower (Drapers), Nic Birtles (Information Technologists), Patrick Chapman (Management Consultants), Jim Conyweare (Master Mariners), Michael Davis-Marks (Makers of Playing Cards), Patrick Draycott (Founders), Michael Felton (Carpenters), Chris Ford (Air Pilots), Ian Frood (Coopers), Michael Godbee (Tax Advisers), Mark Hardy (World Traders), John Hayton (Bowyers), Roger North (Water Conservators), Richard Herbert (Cutlers), Paul Holder (Carmen), David Illingworth (Chartered Accountants), Terry Last (Paviors), Ian Locks (Stationers), Roger North (Water Conservators), Patrick O’Reilly (Engineers),, Jeremy Randall (Chairman, Watermen and Lightermen), Adrian Scott-Knight (Fletchers), Tony Watson (Leathersellers), Derek Woods (Joiners and Ceilers).

Apologies: Martin Miles (Hon. Treasurer/Actuaries), Anthony Alston (Farmers), Graham Dickinson (Insurers), Rowland Hughes (Poulters), John Moore-Gillon (Apothecaries), Debby Ounsted (Mercers), Michael Powell (Gold and Silver Wire Drawers), Vicky Russell (Constructors), Bryan Spearman (Firefighters),

1 Chairman’s welcome and introduction

Jeremy Randall (Chairman) welcomed the 25 attendees. Although down from the 30 who had signed up, nevertheless a very creditable number for a committee meeting on another very hot day in London. He said he hoped those present agreed we had made a good start in the organisation’s first 12 months. Following our first open committee meeting of 12 months ago we were invited for our first visit to the Stepney City Farm by member Kevin Moore; we sat down almost 160 at our inaugural dinner held at Stationers’ Hall after having to move to accommodate numbers from Apothecaries’ Hall; thanks to all those who helped make this a success including especially Bryan Spearman and Stephen Barnard; we have joined CartaConsort visits to RHS Wisley and Bletchley Park; supported our President Alan Yarrow with three tables to hear his recollections of his year as Lord Mayor; some 60 of us joined Robin and Sophia Neill for Rigoletto at their home in Herefordshire; we filled two tables at the Leander Club for the opening day of Henley Royal Regatta; supported the Bakers’ Great Fire event with a table…amongst other activities. We had just over 100 paid members and we were missing just two just one or two email addresses (Wayne Upton, Farriers and Poppy Cooks of the Guild of Freemen)

2 Minutes of meeting 14 September 2015

These were circulated last year and again that morning and hopefully all members had received them. A lot of things were decided - all of which would need to be formally ratified at the first AGM. These included the name, the adoption of the logo, the perhaps slightly unusual structure of a small executive group of officers with a very open committee; a draft constitution; a subscription of £50 (the treasurer was asked to look into the possibility of switching to direct debit); the appointment of President and Vice Presidents; and an outline for the programme of the past year, which was reported above. Sadly the intended wine tour did not receive quite enough people to go ahead and a revised format was being considered. Nor did dinner at Post Office Tower offered by Mike Shepherd or the visit to York mooted by Mark Hardy. These suggestions remained on the table for possible future action.

3 Financial Report

Treasurer Martin Miles (unable to the meeting) reported as follows:

Anyone who guessed that the MMA would make a profit of £2000 in its first year to 30 June overestimated by £3.61. The actual balance at the end of the year was £1996.39.

This would also have been exactly the amount in the Bank Account at the end of the year - ie no creditor or debtors - were it not for the fact that an MMA cheque for £1933.80 which I wrote bounced on 24th June and thus the creditor (a certain Mr Randall) had to wait until July before getting his money. I think that the bounce was due to me forgetting that a cheque over £1000 requires two signatures.

Our very simple accounts for the year are summarised below. However, I am aware that layout is often lost on email transfer so I will, in due course, circulate draft accounts in a word document.


£4800.00 Ninety-six subs of £50 each

£104.78 Profit on 2015 open committee meeting

£0.00 Stepney City Farm visit


£2637.40. Support for on February Inaugural Dinner

£133.80. Support for Alan Yarrow Reminiscences Dinner in May

£137.19. Website and domain fee



David Illingworth, our Hon. Examiner, said he and Martin would be meeting before the agm.

4 Upcoming Events and Programme for 2016 and 2017


29 Sept Dinner at Westminster Kingsway College (Nick Andrews). Maybe two places still available

7 Nov AGM, wine tasting and supper (organised by Mark Hardy) RAF Club. (Currently just 17 for this. We hope for at least 30.


28 Feb Shrove Tuesday Banquet - Mansion House

27 Apr Charterhouse Magical Music Tour, Patrick O’Reilly

Other suggestions -

Wine Tour (Revised format) - Jeremy Randall

Post Office Tower Dinner - Mike Shepherd

Visit to York - Mark Hardy

Visit to Portsmouth - Michael Davis-Marks (Probably not 2017)

Visit to Kew ( 12 people/groups of 12?) - Mark Henderson to explore with Michael Godbee and Patrick Chapman

Tower of London special invitation (Limit 30) - Ian Frood to investigate.

Visit to RNLI, Poole - Edward Donaldson

Shrove Tuesday Mansion House Banquet: The meeting confirmed support for a white tie Shrove Tuesday Banquet on Tuesday 28 February to be organised in conjunction with the 2014 PMA, the All4Ones to try to ensure attendance of 300-plus. The invitation by both groups would initially be for members and consorts however the opportunity to reserve places for additional guests would be offered with notification of acceptance no later than 16 January. Fixed costs to be shared jointly between the two year groups would include the Mansion House fee and associated costs, toastmaster and pianist. It was agreed that MagnaMasters might support the event financially by up to £5,000 to help ensure a good turnout.

6 Communication

- Directory - issued. No comments.

- Website being maintained. No comments

- Updates issued every month (almost). No comments

8 Other business

There was no other business

The meeting was followed by lunch.

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