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Eighth Gala Dinner, Apothecaries' Hall, 8 February 2023


Upcoming events

3 October - Visit to WWII operations bunker 

5 September - Open Committee and Autumn Lunch

7 November - AGM, Wine tasting and Dinner, RAF Club, Piccadilly


8 February, Gala Dinner, Apothecaries' Hall



Recent news

  • Fifth Gala Dinner success at Girdlers' Hall

  • Sell put for Loire trip in June 2020

  • Programme for 2020  includes visit to Tideway Tunnel,  Dinner at Lincolns Inn and an evening with the Magic Circle

  • MagnaMaster Ald. Vincent Keaveny senior alderman "below the chair" of Lord Mayor in 2020

  • Queen invests Sir Andrew Parmley


MagnaMasters is the year group of 2014-2015 Masters of the at that time 110 Livery Companies in the City of London together with recognised groups in the main cities of the United Kingdom.  The CartaConsorts are the spouses, partners and escorts (Consorts) of the MagnaMasters.  Both groups organise events, very often to include the members of both groups.  Where an event is for one group or the other only this will be stated.  MagnaMasters have formed an association, the Magna Masters Association (MMA) with an annual subscription and many events are for members only and their Consorts. Others eligible for membership are often invited to take part on payment of a sum equivalent to the annual membership


The Hon Secretary


Mobile: 07710099343

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